Why you should worry about Change Management

Hey there, Skill Miner is online. Everything is changing and there is a certain trend in the acceleration of this process. Change Management knowledge can help us to smoothen these effects. Even when we are talking about a strategy there is one important point to notice. That the strategy is not set once and for all to stay static and unchanged. On the contrary, it must be adaptable and react to changes. Unfortunately, in general, people are resistant and reluctant to change things. Most of us are scared of leaving the comfort zone and to embrace the uncertainty. 

I am almost sure, that you can recall events when you offered your colleagues something new. A thing or two that would boost productivity and double the output. BUT the majority of them equipped you with a nice list of reasons why it’s going to fail. Sometimes we become hostages of our experience. But the change is critical.

The story behind

You can’t teach old dog new tricks. Have you heard it? There are many great examples of how it is important to change in the modern history. One of them is Nokia. A Goliath of mobile phones industry defeated by the smartphones with touch screen and multifunctionality. It is Kodak, that missed an industrial revolution that came with digital cameras. There are still plenty of other examples. You definitely don’t want to work for a company or build a business that will follow their way. But the only way to avoid this is to change.

Change management is crucial art. You have to know how to win peoples’ hearts to make them eager to adopt the changes and collaborate. Always keeping in mind that nobody really wants to change. There are of course exceptions to the rule and you most probably always strive for new. But exceptions are here only to prove the rule. Change Management encompasses a set of tools and concepts targeting at it.

I wrote about Kaizen. You can’t imagine how hard it is to implement in the old productions, where people used to work in their own way. You have to fight resistance, arguments and sometimes even sabotage. To be good in Change Management you must be not only a strategist and good in operations but be a psychologist too.

Change psychology

Right now it’s obvious that we are living during the 4th industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is spread among all leading manufacturers. Artificial Intelligence development and blockchain technologies very soon will disrupt the world as we used to know it.

To put all the things related to the Change Management under one umbrella I decided to enroll in a Change Management course from MSI Certified. And here is what I discovered.

Getting through

The course itself is as always a set of presentations with a voice in the background. It gives a nice overview of what Change Management is. You will get equipped with the necessary toolset. Although, you don’t train these skills during the class. I would say that this course increases your awareness of the topic. I would also recommend to reinforce it with some soft skills courses from this article

The Change Management course introduces you to some important concepts like:

  • Phases of companies’ (products’) growth.
  • Leading and managing difference.
  • Types of changes.
  • Managing and monitoring of people.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Skill Gaps.
  • Motivation.
  • Skill/Will matrix.
  • GROW model (Goal-Reality-Obstacles/Options-Way Forward).
  • Mind mapping.

I would say that as a general awareness course it does its work very well. I personally picked up a couple of very useful tools, which I am applying to my everyday routine. Change Management goes far beyond our offices and workshops. It is also a part of our lives. The ability to change is a critical skill for survivance. To be honest with myself I can tell that the main reason of resisting the change is fear.

Also, you will learn how to prepare your organization for changes. Given that you already possess all the competencies in Strategic and Operational Management you can use this course as a roadmap. It shows you where and how to apply your competencies of leader and manager to make people follow you.

Change Management Skills to Mine

Based on my assumption that this is a general awareness course in Change Management I give it quite a high score. Here you can read about how I evaluate courses.

Entry skills

For this course, a decent level of English would be enough to successfully learn all the concepts.


I can recommend this one. I deal a lot with changes at my working place and this course helped me to consolidate my knowledge. Also, it gave me a good guideline on where to find other important information. This is not a skill developing course it is a knowledge booster. The course price is 300.00$ if you don’t have any discounts and will take from 6-8 hours to finish including the final exam.

In the end, you will receive by post a nice certificate with CPD Credits equal to 30. Don’t know what these credits are – read here.

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