What can you learn with Supply Chain Design from MITx

Supply Chain Design

Hey there, Skill Miner is online and this is my first review in 2019. At the end of 2018, I have finished the Supply Chain Design (SC2x) course from MITx. Working in operations and facing daily the tasks connected to a production flow optimization, process improvement and financial calculations I wanted to enhance my expertise in these areas.


Course’s curriculum looked very promising with a strong focus on operational management and finance. It also contained a brief summary of the previous courses in the series.

Here I must be honest, that I was afraid of forgetting the concepts and tool-set after one year pause since finishing SC0x and SC1x (I finished them at the beginning of 2017).

Supply Chain Design

But no. The knowledge and skills stayed with me and needed just a bit of refreshing.

Getting through

The whole Supply Chain Design took 13 weeks including the final exam. I spent approximately 6-8 hours weekly and paid $ 200.00.

It covered the following modules:

  • Design of Physical Flows;
  • Design of Financial Flows;
  • Design of Information Flows;
  • Designing the organization.

Software and Practical Tasks

What I love most of all in SCM series is their applicability. Each theoretical aspect has a practical implementation. If you finish the course successfully you will be able to solve practical tasks. In the case of Supply Chain Design, they are transportation, transshipment, production planning, location selection, and many others.

I also appreciated the freedom in software selection. All of the tasks could be easily solved in Microsoft Excel. For me, this is a critical factor because the start-ups I worked for didn’t use anything else. It was also a considerable level-up in my MS Excel literacy.

Supply Chain Design

The provided information was quite full and comprehensive. Each week was always supported by practical tasks and recitations explaining how to use SAS studio to create mathematical models.

MicroMaster’s Supplemental Materials

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to go thoroughly through MicroMaster’s supplemental materials. There were many real-life cases. I wish I could spend more time with them.

You have heard probably that MITx suggests MicroMaster’s Programm. If you finish all 5 courses in Supply Chain Management and pass the exam you will have an opportunity to get a Master Degree in MIT. Anyway for more infos, please, check the link here.

Support, Questions and Hangout Events

Due to the high time pressure, I couldn’t enjoy much the Discussion Forum. But two times I sent my questions to the Support Team and received the comprehensive answers.

There were Hangout Events when, you have a chance to interact with the course team and other learners, but I couldn’t join any of them being either in a car on the way from Budapest to Poland, or on the board of an aircraft. Unlucky coincidences for me.


Although I consider this course as one of my best experiences there were things I didn’t like much. Among them, I should mention the financial part. The main minus of it is its high information density per minute of a lecture. I think that provided time was not enough to well understand the concepts. The worst part was that those chapters were the least reinforced from the practical point of view. Actually, I had the feeling like trying to pour more water into the glass, than it can handle.

Although it was mentioned that we should only get an understanding of the main concepts, I can say honestly that this part was the vaguest for me but still very interesting and important. Maybe it would make sense to add some additional recitation videos and practical tasks. Probably it would give a chance to leave a better imprint of theory in the memory.

Supply Chain Design Skills to mine

You can read more here about the way, how I evaluate the skill points. All in all, I would evaluate this course like 4.75 out of 5. This evaluation shows only my subjective experience.

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