Learning Platforms

This section of Skill Miner project navigates you through different categories of online learning platforms. Here you can find the hottest opportunities for you. The current categories are:



MSI Certified


Online courses

The list of categories will grow within the time. Also, you can find aggregated articles with a list of courses you may take to develop a certain skill. These articles include an exhaustive summary upon how much time and effort you have to invest in different online courses. As a part of such articles, you can download different excel calculators. These articles are united in one category called

Learning Portfolio

SkillMiner’s skill ratings are given based on the following evaluation. Description of each program and course includes a list of skills and competencies, which they help to develop. It is also specified which entry level you should have to successfully finish them. Based on it, the evaluation is given. It is based on interaction experience. Comparison of how close the actual course content to the expected one.