How to learn healthy food habits within 2 hours?

Healthy food

Hey there, Skill Miner is online. I believe that everybody thought at least once about the way we eat. Do we eat healthy food? We live during the time of contrasts. When some parts of the world have access to an excessive amount of calories but some other still have to fight for their survival. Since 2nd World War, humanity has made an amazing leap forward in the food industry. The price per calory dropped down significantly as well as the need to put efforts to obtain these calories.

The story behind

We don’t need to hunt a mammoth down, run away from a tiger or to cultivate the crops praying the sky for some rain. These times are in the past. Nevertheless, evolutionary we were designed to be able to survive under the toughest environmental conditions. To do this our body has learned one simple thing. To accumulate fat. Fat was a key to survive during hunger.

The food industry revolution has happened within the last century. Speaking in terms of evolution it is a bit more than a fracture of a second. Our bodies are still accumulating fat easily awaiting the hungry times to come. We can’t adapt so quickly. Coming to a grocery store so easy to feel lost. Amount of options is overwhelming. So, what to do to be sure that the food you buy will not cause any harm to your body?

Getting through

There are plenty of ways to find the answer how to eat healthier. But many of them are so long and complicated that you might feel demotivated even to start. Thus it is great to find shortcuts.

The course provided by Stanford University on Coursera called Stanford Introduction to Food and Health” can help you get on board of a healthy diet.

This course is perfectly tailored to our busy lifestyles.

  • It is short. One evening is enough to finish.
  • It doesn’t go too deep into the explanations about nutrients and calory balance.
  • It teaches some basic approaches to nutrition.
  • It gives very good and tested psychological tips on how to change our eating habits.

Also MD. Maya Adam sets up a set of rules following which you don’t need to care so much about calculating your calories and macronutrients. They are:

  • Stop buying highly processed foods.
  • Cook at home.
  • Make a list of products before coming to the store.
  • Eat more colorful vegetables and etc..

For me, all these things were well known. Thus I could evaluate the net value of the provided information. Considering how busy everybody is, this course is worth taking.

Healthy food skills to mine

Before taking my rating into account, please, check here, how I do the evaluation.


Although this course gives just basics I am sure it is going to be helpful. Healthy food is a crucial point nowadays. Like Germans say: “Du bist, was du isst”.

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