Lifting the curtain on Strategic Management basics with MSI Certified

Lifting the curtain on Strategic Management basics with MSI Certified

Hey there, Skill Miner is online to welcome you to the first article in the Strategic Management field. You have probably heard this famous saying: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”. It belongs to the great Chinese general and Philosopher Sun Tzu

Seeing the full picture and having a consistency of actions are underpinning factors that made many military strategists successful.

Chess Strategy

Sometimes the term Strategic Management scares people. We think that it is something beyond the understanding of an Engineer or any other specialist not involved in Business processes directly. No, it isn’t an attribute of a narrow top management club. Strategic Management is a skill. And as any skill, it can be trained. And the sooner you start, the sooner you will see how handy it can be.

It’s your choice, which way to follow: Strategy without Tactics/Tactics without Strategy/or use both Strategy and Tactics.

The story behind

Once a journalist asked a CEO of one of the biggest Russian jewelry Enterprises, what his strategy was. The translation of what he said would be: “No one on Earth can us mislead, cause we don’t care where to be”. Quite an exhaustive explanation, why this company has been partially bankrupted nowadays.

You would laugh, but it is so rare to work in a company with a clear strategy. Quite often everybody rather sticks to the entropy increase, than solidification and structurization.  My first official acquaintance with Strategic Management happened in 2016. I took a course called Strategic Organizational Leadership from MSI Certified.

My personal impression

Imagine that Strategic Management skill is a remote point in a sea and you need to get there. But instead of giving you coordinates your guide drew a circle on the map, saying: “Somewhere in this area”. This is how the course content looks briefly. Nevertheless, it does one very important thing – it draws boundaries. Having such course in a portfolio would be quite useful for a newbie.

Yes, it doesn’t train the Strategic Management Skills, but it slices the pie to smaller pieces at least. It introduces you to such terms as Circle of Influence, Maslow’s Hierarchy, Types of tempers, Mind Mapping, SWOT Analyses and others. With the knowledge of what the smaller components are you can build up your own learning portfolio.

By the way, such portfolio doesn’t necessarily involve online courses only. Books and YouTube channels can make a great contribution too. By the way, what is your favorite book about Strategic Management? Leave the answer in the discussion below.


Getting through

I would say that it is a rather a leadership skill oriented course than a strategic one. Very small part is dedicated to the Strategic tool-kit. The course structure is a set of presentations with a background voice. The presentations have all the necessary text and definitions and there are no serious mistakes.

The course doesn’t provide much information about how important it is to establish company’s Mission, Vision, Values, and long-term Goals. It also avoids Policies and their deployment. These attributes I described are basically a quintessence of the Strategic Management. It would be really great to get some knowledge about such tool as a Hoshin Kanri X Matrix of Strategy/Policy Deployment for example.

Strategic Management Skills to Mine

This time I just leave this picture here

Strategic Management MSI


Usually, everybody makes always more or less the same failure when it comes to the strategy. The failure is to go too deep into the details, missing out a bigger picture. The temptation sometimes is really high to start discussing Operational questions.

Does this course solve it? Buy or not to buy? If you feel that Strategic Management is too huge to digest, then this course will help you to make the first bite from an elephant. A small tiny but still a bite. It will take one weekend to finish and for about 8-10 hours of your time. The price is questionable and depends on the package you select. I think I paid 50.00 $, but the original price is 300.00$.

Also, keep in mind that this course certification gives you CPD Credits equal to 20. Don’t know what they are? Check the links below:

CPD credits explained

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