How to learn healthy food habits within 2 hours?

Hey there, Skill Miner is online. I believe that everybody thought at least once about the way we eat. Do we eat healthy food? We live during the time of contrasts. When some parts of the world have access to an excessive amount of calories but some other still have to fight for their survival. Since 2nd World War, … Continue reading How to learn healthy food habits within 2 hours?

Why you should not pay for this course on

This was my 6th course in MITx series. I remember that day. A slight twilight behind the window indicated the end of a decently hard working day.  We had just finished a massive (60 pages) review paper on some polymeric stuff with my colleagues, when I came across this wonderful, as I thought, opportunity. MIT had launched a MicroMaster's program in Principles of Manufacturing and the first course was dedicated to the statistical process control. "Here we are",- came into my mind. God, if I only knew.