6 Sigma Black Belt. Martial arts in process management.

2016, Moscow. I was sitting in Starbucks with my new acquaintance Taraq. We were talking about the company he worked for. It happened to be one of the biggest Schlumberger subcontractors in the field of deep sea mining. They were looking for an expert in process optimization and management. I was approximately in the middle of my success story, how I had managed to turn a team of losers into rock-stars. The manufacturing line productivity was boosted by over 200%  as Taraq stopped me. "Do you have any certificate that proves your qualification? 6 Sigma Black Belt or something like this?" No, I didn't have it. Although, I had read many books by this time dedicated to this topic.

Cryptocurrency and ICO’s explained. Pay-or-not-to-pay for this on udemy.

It was for about 6 years ago. An exciting opportunity to pass an internship in Schlumberger as a Field Engineer - in the biggest oil service company worldwide. I was sitting in my room trying to put together the slides for a self-presentation I needed for my interview. I called it "Seven tones of my individuality" and the first tone happened to be C. C stood for "Curiosity" and this is how the story begins. Being always curious and hungry for new knowledge and skills I couldn't avoid putting my eye on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But being a Mechanical Engineer I had no idea what they are. This is when I came across this course Cryptocurrency Trading and ICO Investment Masterclass available on udemy.

Chris Croft on Udemy, a nice opportunity to push your financial education

In my family, it has been always cultivated that being a salesperson is a kind of a wicked thing and a dead end. Especially if you are an Engineer. Looking back to this attitude now I realize how wrong it was. Sales is a crucial skill to survive. Because the first thing that you must know how to sell is yourself. It is your experience, knowledge, portfolio, contacts, talents and etc. I assume, that sitting at the negotiations table with your potential employer you think really hard about, how to get as much as you can from him (and do as little as possible (joke)).

The best Supply Chain Management online training ever on edx.org

December 2016. We had recently moved with my wife to a new flat in Moscow.  I had just finished my Master Black Belt certification in Six Sigma from MSI (read about this in coming posts) and was looking for the next course. The situation at my work was quiet and boring, I hated that feeling, that my brain is under-challenged. I was looking for some information about process optimization (I worked as a Process Engineer at that time) when I found a Micromster's offering on edx from MIT. After reading a short introduction I took CTL.SC0x Supply Chain Analytics and immediately paid a certificate (150$) and have never regretted it.

Why you should not pay for this course on edx.org.

This was my 6th course in MITx series. I remember that day. A slight twilight behind the window indicated the end of a decently hard working day.  We had just finished a massive (60 pages) review paper on some polymeric stuff with my colleagues, when I came across this wonderful, as I thought, opportunity. MIT had launched a MicroMaster's program in Principles of Manufacturing and the first course was dedicated to the statistical process control. "Here we are",- came into my mind. God, if I only knew.