How to get Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt online

Lean Six Sigma

Hey there, Skill Miner is online. Today I would like to announce my final sentence to the experience I had with MSI Certified. Being not fully satisfied after getting my Six Sigma Black Belt  I  decided to try Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSSMBB). If you don’t know what it is and why it might be useful, just keep reading. The platform selection was obvious. It was again MSI Certified. This course was a part of a package I had purchased.

Six Sigma

The story behind

Many of us are aware of these two approaches in Process Management. There are many overlappings between them but it is quite possible to make a good distinction.

On one hand, as we are talking about the processes in which we can really control the variables. And where a substantial amount of data is available to apply statistical analyses. We can use a full beauty of Six Sigma methodology. We can derive various dependencies among inputs and outputs. The main point is that we don’t control norms and focus more on variations. In general, Six Sigma is more applicable for mass production processes with a high rate of automation.

In such a way, Lean toolset can serve as a good extension with some auxiliary tools like for example 5S and Value Stream Mapping to enhance an existing Six Sigma based system. As a historical reference, Six Sigma was first created and implemented by Motorolla in 1986. Its name originates from statistics where an interval of 6σ covers  99.73% of all possible cases in normally distributed data.

The full power of Lean Manufacturing can be seen in productions with high manual labor involvement and a moderate automation level. In my opinion, one of the main core features of Lean is its adaptability. It gives you as a manager much more freedom and flexibility. You should always focus on the elimination of various wastes and standardize a new state. In Lean Manufacturing your actions are always based on common sense and exact data obtained from gemba.

Lean manufacturing

Both methodologies apply different problem-solving techniques like 5 whys or a Fishbone Diagram to define and eliminate the root cause.

Getting through

As you could already see in my previous posts on courses made by MSI Certified I wasn’t really satisfied with their practical application. The course Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt has managed finally to challenge me seriously. I would even say that it was the only one that I would really recommend taking and here is my clarification why.

The structure is the same as always. A set of presentations have a background voice commenting the information from slides. But what you discover that this course actually covers all the other available on the website. You could read about Kaizen Certified, Strategic Management, Six Sigma Black Belt Professional and Change ManagementSo there is no point in taking any of them if you apply for LSSMBB. It will provide you with much more information than all the mentioned above together.

The course includes 15 big sections:

There are two timed exams in the course and they are far not that simple as in other courses having altogether 120 questions.

Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Skills to Mine

Before checking my rating, please, read here how I evaluate the skills.


I can recommend this course to everybody who is interested in Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing. It will provide you an exhaustive amount of information. You will learn many new tools and approaches but mastering them as a skill will fully lay on you. If you can find a place and opportunity to use them in your everyday life there is no obstacle in converting this theoretical knowledge into practice. And the last but not the least you will get by post a very nice certificate sith topics description.

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