How to become a blogger. An exhaustive guideline from Daniel Boehm

Hey there, Skill Miner is online with some great new experience to share with you. Wondering how to become a blogger? I did too. Starting this project I had very little experience in blogging and in web related topics. The amount of information I encountered within the first couple of weeks was astonishing. The Internet industry has developed itself tremendously. The need to pass a course to consolidate this knowledge was high. This is when I came across an e-learning opportunity called  2018 Blog Blueprint: How To Turn Blogging Into A Career from Daniel Boehm on

The story behind

2014, Moscow. Sitting in my new office and studying a mechanical seal banner attached to the wall. The mechanical seal is a very important device used in centrifugal equipment. It prevents leakage between a rotating shaft and stationary machine casing. As one of the best coaches I’ve met in this company (and in my life) said: “It is a fuse in the system”.I have just come back from my first British business trip. Was full of inspiration and desire for an action. My task was to create a website for the Russian subsidiary. The one, which could serve as a sales platform in Russia. I found a good subcontractor for this. They have managed the work very well and we paid them very well either. In two years they made for me one more website. Just a landing page. It cost also much. For a physical person, I mean.

It was too expensive for a phisical person

If I had known this time as much as I do now, I would have made this page myself. Thus the course from Daniel Boehm had such a high value for me. It boosted my web education from almost zero to a level, where I know the basics. With this basics, there is no problem to continue building further.

Getting through

This is one of the most practical courses I’ve ever had. The knowledge, which I got from each section was immediately converted into a skill. What I mean. If you don’t know how to register a domain, you will learn it. If you have no idea, what hosting is, you will learn it. It is a big practical guideline how to build the blog from a green field stage. Many practical tips are given for writing a content. And I love these ideas and I am going to implement them too. The main message is – the bloggers are here to deliver value to their readers, this is how I came up with the idea to write 4 soft skills to learn in 2018 according to LinkedIn and Business Insider and include there some analytics, infographics and spreadsheets. I was driven by the idea to give even more value for readers.

Added value is the target of a good blogger

The course covers both technical and financial sides of blogging. How to make it profitable, how to avoid a burn-out, which marketing strategy to apply and deploy. It has tons of useful links to professional internet sources. And probably the most important thing, that it is good even for beginners. Such complex skills like for example a content writing is carefully broken down into simpler bits, which are much easier to digest.

A section overview

Let’s consider for example a section called Build Your Blog. The layout of this section is already an algorithm of actions that you must make.

  1. Finding Your Niche;
  2. Getting a Domain;
  3. Hosting;
  4. Installing WordPress;
  5. Blog (Site) Theme;
  6. Logo Design;
  7. Installing Plugins;
  8. Back Up Your Blog;
  9. Track Your Audience;
  10. Creating a Menu;

So here we are. After you finish the last step, what you have is a working blog. Ready to start writing. A next section immediately covers how to write the content. All of this within 50 minutes of theory – amazing. And you go to practice straight away. This knowledge will be not forgotten. Just imagine how much time it would take for you to search it yourself. To check all the websites and youtube channels. You still should do it regularly. Daniel Boehm is an experienced blogger and has a wonderful project called FreedomHunting Where you can also find many practical and useful guidelines. But to boost your start this course is definitely a must-have. By the way, probably you also have a great blog, a story to tell about the skills you developed. Feel free to write about this in the comments below.

Blogger skills to mine

As I mentioned above this course worth taking. If you just starting in the field of blogging or Internet in general.

Of course this evaluation, like everything above, is my opinion only. And a blogger with more experience in this field would have something different to say. Thus maybe it would be great for me to come back to this course again after some-time for a revaluation. But really, I’d made already so many online studies in different areas. This course definitely costs its money.

Entry Skills

As I said above, the course is good for absolute beginners. What you need to pass it is good English.


I paid for this course 10.00 EUR with a discount. The total duration is 7 hours and I recommend to take this course section by section. It is easier to process the new information more efficiently.

Also, I thought it would be great to give here all the useful links that I found in this course: – to buy a domain; – for e-mail marketing; – hosting portal; – best performing content analyzer; – to understand your audience better; – a very nice app to check an article. It gives you many tips upon readability and mistakes, what’s important for a blogger; – a web portal with millions of freelancers who are ready to help with design and other things for quite low fees; – find the free icons for your infographics; – a huge database with free pictures and photos;

I think that’s it. It is not full but covers almost 90% of links. I think, that if you are a blogger it might be really helpful for you.

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