6 Sigma Black Belt. Martial arts in process management.

Hey there, SkillMiner is online! Here is a story about how I got 6 Sigma Black Belt online and what I have learned from this.

The story behind

2016, Moscow. I was sitting in Starbucks with my new acquaintance Taraq. We were talking about the company he worked for. It happened to be one of the biggest Schlumberger subcontractors in the field of deep sea mining. They were looking for an expert in process optimization and management. I was approximately in the middle of my success story, how I had managed to turn a team of losers into rock-stars. The manufacturing line productivity was boosted by over 200%  as Taraq stopped me. “Do you have any certificate that proves your qualification? 6 Sigma Black Belt or something like this?” No, I didn’t have it. Although, I had read many books by this time dedicated to this topic.

This is it, quite a clear call. I started looking for options and I found one offered by Management and Strategy Institute (MSI). After some consideration, I decided to pay for one of the joint offerings. It included various courses (about 5 totally), among of which was also 6 Sigma Black Belt Certification.  I paid altogether 1000.00 $. My motivation was – I know so much in this field but still have no real proof.

Getting through

I have taken a few courses offered by MSI. These guys were the very first ones in my career. Thus it was quite hard to express my excitement upon the arrival of the very first certificate. All courses are designed in a quite simple way. A short video introduction and then a presentation with a background voice. In the end, there was a timed exam, which was quite easy to pass. It was an opened type one. You could use any of the available presentations and Internet sources. The questions were always based on the studied materials, without extras.

I have spent altogether approximately 7 hours to get my official 6 Sigma Black Belt Certificate. What is worth mentioning here, is that 6 Sigma is quite a practical technique. It is very hard to master it from pure theory and practice is exactly what this course is missing.

Normally, the companies, where management follows 6 Sigma principles, they have internal certification. To get a certificate you need to not only pass a theoretical exam but also successfully accomplish a practical project. Only after one or two successful projects (cases) you can get a certificate for a belt. On the other hand, it is quite possible that the company you are currently working for doesn’t offer any certification. However, you apply 6 Sigma principles on a daily basis. Than MSI gives a great opportunity to get an official prove for your competences.

The skills to mine

6 sigma 1.JPG

My advice is – if you are passionate for 6 Sigma and Lean and have read already plenty of books, but still you don’t have a certificate for this, then definitely it is worth paying for the course.

Entry skills

6 Sigma 2.JPG

B1-B2 level of English is sufficient to apply for this course. Some knowledge of 6 Sigma Principles is preferable, but not compulsory. The course covers all the aspects from scratch. It is worth mentioning that MSI offers quite nice certificates with official records for its graduates. You can evaluate yourself its appearance. I Received it by post.



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