Cryptocurrency and ICO’s explained. Pay-or-not-to-pay for this on udemy

Hey there, Skill Miner is online to bring you some fresh news upon on-line learning opportunities. Today we are going to cover a course called Cryptocurrency Trading and ICO Investment Masterclass on and why you don’t really have to pay for this.

The story behind

It was for about 6 years ago. An exciting opportunity to pass an internship in Schlumberger as a Field Engineer – in the biggest oil service company worldwide. I was sitting in my room trying to put together the slides for a self-presentation I needed for my interview. I called it “Seven tones of my individuality” and the first tone happened to be C. C stood for “Curiosity” and this is how the story begins. Being always curious and hungry for new knowledge and skills I couldn’t avoid putting my eye on blockchain and cryptocurrency.But being a Mechanical Engineer I had no idea what they are. This is when I came across this course Cryptocurrency Trading and ICO Investment Masterclass available on udemy.

A short remark – I successfully finished the internship that time and spent an unforgettable month in Russian fields and prairies eating canned food and sleeping in a small trailer (when I had time for this). But aside from this the quality of knowledge and skills I got there are still in my top skills ranking. Did you also have such story? Feel free to write about this in comments, I’d love to read it.

Getting through

Back to the topic. The first thing I didn’t really like in this course is language. Even being fluent in English I struggled to understand everything. It would be nice to add subtitles at least but even better to redesign the speech and to use more international English. At least it would help the course to reach a bigger audience.

Next point is that the course is far too generalistic. Really. You will get almost zero information and understanding about the most crucial aspect of cryptocurrencies – about the blockchain. The technology they are based on. So the course doesn’t cover it at all. Also despite its name, the course doesn’t give any analytical tools or methodologies for ICOs evaluation and trading. It only gives definitions.

Actually, it is very rich with definitions describing what altcoins, ICOs, platforms, WhitePapers, wallets and other things are. It’s nice. Everything is collected in one place. Although, this information can be easily found on the Internet for free. If you are an absolute newbie in this field and you would like to have a general overview of the industry before diving into a bigger detail, then this course would do it well for you.

For those who have already some general understanding of the crypto market and blockchain technology, I would rather recommend some nice YouTube channels, for example, Ivan on Tech made by a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert Ivan Liljeqvist.

Cryptocurrency skills to mine

My advice – take and pay only in case of emergency. If you don’t have time to search the Internet, but have to make a presentation to your boss about crypto in less than four hours. Upon completion, you will receive an electronic certificate.

Entry skills

Apart from really fluent English and Internet, you don’t need anything else.



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