Chris Croft on Udemy, a nice opportunity to push your financial education

Hey there, SkillMiner is online and today I have some really exciting things to share with you. I’ve got my first experience with udemy courses and they turned out to be brilliant.


In my family, it has been always cultivated that being a salesperson is a kind of a wicked thing and a dead end. Especially if you are an Engineer. Looking back to this attitude now I realize how wrong it was. Sales is a crucial skill to survive. Because the first thing that you must know how to sell is yourself. It is your experience, knowledge, portfolio, contacts, talents and etc. I assume, that sitting at the negotiations table with your potential employer you think really hard about, how to get as much as you can from him (and do as little as possible (joke)).

I have spent quite a lot time recently thinking about how to enhance my knowledge in the financial field. Unfortunately, couldn’t suggest anything worthful and affordable in this area. But as it happens quite often to me – just give some solid shape to a wish and opportunities start coming.

First experience with udemy

I have never used this platform before and being really upset with my recent experience with MITx: 2.830.1x on edx I am very careful now with where I invest my money to. Actually, I was not really planning to pay, but there were immediately some cool surprises there:

  1. As a bonus for starting I received a crazy discount of 95% for almost all the courses;
  2. I have seen hundreds of courses dedicated to financing, sales, and investment;

I was very keen, and I still am, on improving my sales skills, thus the course of Chris Croft Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques caught my eye. I am a skeptic normally. I don’t believe in wholesales, understanding very well how the costing model of a product may look like (especially coming from Russia, where a margin below 200% is not a margin at all). Thus 95% discounts do not have an effect on me usually. I am also a follower of the concept that great habits and discipline only (what must be read as a hard work) can lead to the success. But after checking some of the Chris’ videos the understanding came: “This guy knows the stuff. He gets straight to the point. He doesn’t hit around the bush and I simply like him”.  Less than 5  minutes of introduction video was enough for him to convince me to pay the whole course. It is definitely the best proof I could ever get for his competences.

This course was about 15.00 EUR and took 2 hours to accomplish. Each video in this course is balanced, contains many useful tips, real cases, and the most important point a great living example – Chris Croft himself. You must learn the way how his mimics, intonation, and body language work. It will help you, trust me, I’ve spent hundreds of hours at the negotiation table trying to push the price of the equipment we were buying as low as possible. I faced almost all the things he explains in his lectures.

The skills to mine


I gave all of the skills 4 out of 5 just because you still need to practice these concepts in real life. But as I said this is probably the best theoretical knowledge you can obtain in this field and one of the most charismatic teachers. Just 2 hours of your life – it is crazily concentrated.



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