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Hello there, Skill Miner is online. If you are looking for a course that would boost your skills in Supply Chain Management this is the right place. Today I am talking about another Micromasters program available on platform. It is Supply Chain Management Micromasters from MIT and to be more precise CTL.SC0x Supply Chain Analytics. In my previous post, I criticised another course from MIT. And advised you against investing your money into a certificate. Today the story is different.


December 2016. We had recently moved with my wife to a new flat in Moscow.  I had just finished my Master Black Belt certification in Six Sigma from MSI (read about this in coming posts) and was looking for the next course. The situation at my work was quiet and boring, I hated that feeling, that my brain is under-challenged. I was looking for some information about process optimization (I worked as a Process Engineer at that time) when I found a Micromster’s offering on edx from MIT. After reading a short introduction I took CTL.SC0x Supply Chain Analytics and immediately paid a certificate (150$) and have never regretted it.

Course structure

CTL.SC0x covers quite a wide field of knowledge starting from some basics in supply chain management and ending up with linear programming and optimization.

The course consists of 8 modules.

2 of which are final and midterm exams.

Modules are released weekly.

Each module has more or less the same structure. It contains:

  1. Two theoretical video classes including several lectures;
  2. Two videos with recitations, which provide practical guidance on how to use various software;
  3. Practical tasks to train your skills in solving the problems;
  4. Some extra materials for verified students, which may include case studies;
  5. Weekly graded assignment;

You have two weeks to finish your graded assignment if you are planning to get a certificate in the end.

The final exam was a proctored one, that means you have to use special software that monitors and controls your web camera, web browser, and a microphone. This is kinda challenging, but the course team did so great that they even launched a simulation of a proctored exam for students to learn it before the finals.

We also had extra online conferences once in two-three weeks, where we could communicate with the course team and where they were bringing some interesting cases from their real-life experience.

Return on investment

Finally, what you gonna learn. The course is skill intensive. You will really learn a lot of useful concepts. Highly recommended.

The skills you will mine


It’s worth 150.00$ and about 6-8 hours of your time weekly. Highly recommend.

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