Why you should not pay for this course on edx.org

Hey there, Skill Miner is online and here are my points why you should not pay for MITx: 2.830.1x Manufacturing Process Control: Variation Modelling and Control course on edx.org.

The story behind

This was my 6th course in MITx series. I remember that day. A slight twilight behind the window indicated the end of a decently hard working day.  We had just finished a massive (60 pages) review paper on some polymeric stuff with my colleagues, when I came across this wonderful, as I thought, opportunity. MIT had launched a MicroMaster’s program in Principles of Manufacturing and the first course was dedicated to the statistical process control. “Here we are”,- came into my mind. God, if I only knew.

If your target is too learn how to apply some statistical tools in practice, to create control charts, and to reduce the variability of your processes, I have to disappoint you. This course has quite a unique imagination on what your learning outputs should look like.

Why this course will not meet your expectations

  1. This course will teach you how to avoid any practical implementation of theory. Thus it doesn’t have any Recitations;
  2. It will teach you how to fail to solve any statistical task without using any software (even Excel);
  3. Ambiguous wording will teach you humbleness and give you understanding that you still have a lot to master in English;
  4. Errors and mistakes in tasks and answers will teach you that life isn’t fair;
  5. Longtime responding staff will teach you patience.
  6. Even as a verified learner you will not get any extras except a certificate. No additional case studies, and no online conferences.

You have very scarce chances to obtain any of the skills that course promises. It is a real-time trial paid by a huge learners society (175$ for a certificate) and the best thing the staff did, in the end, is reducing passing threshold from 75% to 60%, because too many people failed.  The only positive thing is that you will drastically improve your skill in Internet searching;


The Production Management skills to mine

Here are my grades and you can see a visible reducing trend, although I’ve managed to get a certificate even for the original conditions. Have I learned, what I wanted? No. Here are top 5 skills that this course might help you to develop.

So, the decision is up to you.



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